Tip of Cape York

Takes you from Horn Island, over the Torres Strait to the very tip of Australia – Cape York. Choose to fly over the tip only (from $700pp) or land at the tip and explore this iconic landmark (from $1,500pp).

Highlights include: Great Barrier Reef, Tip of Australia and Horn Island.

This trip departs from Horn Island.

  • Approx 80 mins
  • * Minimum booking of 3 seats required

Great Barrier Reef

This flight takes you over the Torres Strait to the very tip of Australia – Cape York. On the way, we pass over the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world. Extending along the coast for over 2,300km, this tropical reef system is larger than some countries and to see it from the air, is to appreciate its true size and scale. Boasting over 2,800 individual reefs and numerous tropical islands and sand cays, the Great Barrier is home to a myriad of corals and critters, including marine turtles and manta rays, which are sometimes spotted from the helicopter.

Tip of Australia

See the tip of Australia from the air, or choose to land and literally stand on the tip of Australia. This is the most furthest northern point of Australia and usually visitors have to drive for days, along vehicle wrecking roads, to get here. Our Tip of Cape York tour delivers you in comfort and style, while also providing some great scenic views. Take your time to soak it in and enjoy the sea breeze. Don’t forget to bring your camera and get the postcard shot in front of the famous “Tip of Australia” sign. Please note that the walk from the landing point to the tip is unpathed and requires a good level of fitness.

Horn Island

A scenic flight over Punsand Bay and the Iconic Possession Island are the last highlights before landing at Horn Island.

In Flight Audio Tour

Your pilot and guide knows this region well and will share stories on the major landmarks throughout your journey. Communication between the pilot and guests is provided through audio headsets.