The Torres Straits

Explore the Torres Strait Islands, a region rich in natural, historical and cultural beauty and diversity. Highlights include: Great Barrier Reef, Prince of Wales Island, Thursday Island and Horn Island. This trip departs from Horn Island.

  • Approx 30min
  • * minimum booking of 3 seats required

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef needs little introduction. It’s one of the world’s largest living organisms and is visible from Outer Space. Comprised of over 2,800 individual reef systems, this marine environment is bursting with a diversity of life found no where else on earth. Viewed from the low flying helicopter, you will be able to see the coral reefs and perhaps even spot a marine turtle or manta ray.

Prince of Wales Island

Fly over Prince of Wales Island and the spectacular waterfalls. World War II bunkers, shipwrecks, and gun stations are a highlight of this trip.

Thursday Island

Continuing our journey of exploration over the Torres Strait Islands, we circle over Green Hill Fort and Thursday Island. This historic fort was built between 1891 and 1893, as a part of Australia’s defense against a possible Russian invasion. The hill itself is only 58m tall but provided the perfect vantage point to survey the surrounding waterways. It was decommissioned some time in 1927.

Horn Island

We end our journey where it started, on Horn Island. Horn Island is a part of the Torres Strait Island group and is rich in history and culture. Gold was mined here in the early 1890s, then the pearling industry took off. Horn Island was an important part of Australia’s defenses in World War II, before settling back down to be a peaceful and vibrant island community. Today the island is home to nearly 600 permanent residents.

In Flight Audio Tour

Your pilot and guide knows this region well and will share stories on the major landmarks throughout your journey. Communication between the pilot and guests is provided through audio headsets.